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Does Your Roof Need Cleaning?

Power Wash Cleaning offers specialist delicate roof cleaning and moss removal for your slate or tiled roof in Wigan, Warrington, Manchester, St Helens, Chorley and Bolton areas. Our Roof cleaning services consist of moss removal, grime, lichen and green algae treatment, tile and slate roof cleaning and pressure washing, and also delicate roof cleaning methods to give your mossy tired roof a new lease of life! Restore your mossy or dirty roof and increase the value of your home and integrity of your moss infested roof!

Roof Cleaning Manchester, Wigan, Warrington, Bolton, St Helens, Chorley, Moss removal in Liverpool, Cheshire, and Lancashire.

Roof cleaning and moss removal is required because moderate, damp climate in the UK is a perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and lichens to grow. The combination of warmth from below, rain and moisture in the air means that these organisms can breed and multiply rapidly, especially on North facing roofs.

These organisms can cause short and long term damage to your roof, holding moisture and so adding massive amounts of weight to your roof and also eating into tiles and mortar, forcing them apart and eventually, if left untreated, could require a replacement roof completely. Which is why you need the help of a specialist roof cleaning and moss removal company.

Power Wash Cleaning and Drain Services offers professional roof cleaning and moss removal services throughout Manchester, Wigan, Warrington, Bolton, St Helens, Chorley, Liverpool, Cheshire, and Lancashire. We can remove the moss and clean the roof on your home or business, giving it a new lease of life and increasing the value and kerb appeal of your property.

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What Makes us Different from other Roof Cleaning Companies?

We are the only roof cleaning company in the northwest to own our own specialist tracked access spider lift platform! This means there is absolutely no unnecessary weight and walking on your roof during the moss removal process!

Roof cleaning St Helens Warrington Manchester Wigan Liverpool
Roof during cleaning Warrington St helens liverpool Wigan Manchester Bolton

Power Wash Cleaning’s roof cleaning team are highly skilled, experienced and qualified in all aspects of roof cleaning and moss removal. As well as having fully insuranced and  IPAF certified operators, All lifts are also LOLER Certified!

Investing heavily in plant, roof cleaning machinery and moss removal tools and chemicals over the years helps us access any type and size of roof without any danger of falling or even stepping foot on the roof! And because we don’t step foot on your roof, the chances of any accidents or tiles breaking from stepping on them are reduced to an absolute zero! So, after your roof has been cleaned, there will be no need to replace any broken tiles damaged from walking on the roof and so stays aesthetically pleasing without new, different coloured tiles dotted around your roof. This also eradicates the need of hiring expensive and unsightly scaffolding!  All our roof cleaning and moss removal projects are carried out to a very high standard as well as working in a safe and professional manner at all times.

The Roof Cleaning Process

Stage 1 – The set up

The first stage of roof cleaning begins by disconnecting all downspouts to prevent your drains from being blocked, checking for any any problem areas and sheeting off if required areas such as ponds etc, setting the roof cleaning and access machinery up.

Stage 2 – The Roof Clean

We then being the roof cleaning process, uniformly and meticulously cleaning each and every single tile or slate from top to bottom, removing all traces of moss, algae and dirt, this leaves the roof totally clean with no debris. We also wash all the gutters out and clear downspouts of any moss and ensure all your surface water outlets are running free.

Stage 3 – The Roof Treatment

We then proceed by applying an algaecidal moss killer wash to eliminate any remaining microscopic moss spores in the roof and to help prevent any further moss, algae, or lichen growth.

Stage 4 – The clean up

Lastly, we then do a thorough rinse down of all surrounding areas such as walls, windows, gutters, driveway, patio and completely remove any moss which may have landed there during the roof cleaning process.  we leave the place clean and tidy and apart from the clean roof, you should never have known we’ve been!

Some Examples of our roof cleaning work

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