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A building looks so much better when the Render is clean and in its original condition. The Render Cleaning Service offered by Power Wash Cleaning and Drain Services will restore the original look and colour of the render. No matter how badly stained with Algae and dirt it has gotten, we will remove stains from render & get it looking like brand new again!

Before you choose to repaint that Render, call us. We can make it look like new.

We all know that a recent rendered building looks great, especially with coloured render. While this type of coloured render is often sold as maintenance free, the reality is, within a few years algae will often appear on the surface making it look old and dirty. While some places prefer to repaint the surface of the render, we find that this is usually costly, and at most times unnecessary. What happens is render tends to lock moisture in causing red, green, or black algae to grow, and cause those nasty stains to appear, leaving your rendered building looking not so fancy.

Power Wash Cleaning is one of the most trusted experts when it comes to render cleaning. We specialize in a low pressure wash technique, but using high flow rates on our machines, meaning a low pressure, but thorough clean.

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Benefits of Our Render Cleaning Services

K-Rend Cleaning

Highly effective low impact soft cleaning method with outstanding results without damaging the render

Render Cleaning

As with K-Rend Cleaning, our Way of Cleaning standard Render produces incredible results

Biocide Treatment

Severely restricts the regrowth of mould and algae on rendered walls, leaving the render cleaner for longer

Colour Restoration

Completely restoring the original colour. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean the render will look after we’re finished

Cost Effective

This method costs a lot less than for the render to be painted, plus will last longer due to the biocide.

100% Satisfaction

We are confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our outstanding results we achieve.

Soft Wash – Low-Pressure Render Cleaning

Power Wash Cleaning and Drain Services uses Soft washing, which is a low-pressure cleaning method that uses special render cleaning chemicals. These are an environmentally safe bleaching chemicals or detergents which are used in assisting with the cleaning of the surface. In this case we use soft washing to clean K-Rend, and in regular render cleaning. We also use the Soft Washing method for our Roof Cleaning Services.

Render Cleaning in Manchester,Wigan,Warrington | Power Wash Cleaning

Why Render Cleaning?

Power Wash Cleaning and Drain Services uses a safe and low-pressure wash that is also environmentally friendly when cleaning rendered surfaces. Using a low-pressure wash stops the possibility of any damage that may be caused to the exterior surface. During the low-pressure render cleaning Our Render Cleaning experts remove all organic matter, dirt and grime and kill off all algae and other infections. We can work from the safety of the ground using our specialized high-reach poles.

If mechanical access equipment is required for larger buildings, including commercial premises, we are the only company in the northwest to own our own specialist tracked access platform. Power Wash Cleaning’s Render cleaning team are highly skilled and qualified as well as fully insured and IPAF certified operators and all lifts are LOLER Certified, which helps us access any type and size of building without any problems.

Our Render Cleaning specialists only ever use professional grade cleaning products and our team are all fully trained in the use of any cleaning solutions and equipment.

Some of our Render Cleaning Projects

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