Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

The latest gutter cleaning techniques are now provided by Power Wash. It is the revolutionary, niche, ladder less gutter cleaning system by which a specially designed industrial, high powered vacuum is used to suck everything that collects in and blocks your gutters over time. Recommended by the HSE in their ‘safety at height’ policy our ladder less gutter cleaning goes further at solving gutter cleaning problems than just being safe.

For example, do you have a conservatory? is there guttering over this conservatory that cannot be accessed by ladders? The chances are your answer will be ‘yes’ to both of these common questions. We have the answer! our high reach gutter vacuum poles allow us to simply reach over the conservatory and do the gutter cleaning from the safety of the ground, the same would apply or garages, car ports, out building, extensions, the list goes on…

We are available for blocked gutter cleaning problems in Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire or Lancashire. Give us a call.

Grass, moss, dead birds, tiles, broken slates, weeds, dog ends and all manners of debris can collect in your gutter system, which blocks the free flow of rain water and can lead to dirty rain water spilling over the gutter system and down the walls, possibly even causing the gutters to break and leak with the weight of water held in your gutters unable to escape via the down spouts  This will cause expensive damage to your brick work, guttering and even internal plastering resulting in damp walls. The costs that will be en-cured to fix these problems can be frighteningly expensive, compared to our gutter cleaning solutions that are a fraction of the costs of repairs to guttering and homes.

We can also clear down-spouts with our high pressure gutter cleaning system , angled specifically for gutters with a U bend blasting away any blockages and cleaning the gutters and down-spout.

Blocked gutter cleaning prices
Power Wash can offer our gutter vacuum cleaning from just £40 for an average 2 storey, 2 bedroomed terraced house, front and back, we also offer and outside clean of your gutters by use of ou specially design high pressure telescopic lances, this service is a favourite with white UPVC guttering than can go green and dirty with algae and carbon soiling, please see our PVCu cleaning page.

We can offer both commercial and domestic gutter cleaning services, we have full public liability insurance up to £1,000,000.

Our gutter cleaning services cover Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and parts of Lancashire.

Please contact us for details if we do not cover your area then we will be pleased to recommend a gutter cleaning company in your region.