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Driveway & Patio cleaning Westhoughton, Bolton Jet and Pressure washing

Call 07871 242 012 or 01942 740 956 now for you free quote for all your driveway and patio cleaning, pressure and jet washing and exterior cleaning needs in Westhoughton and Bolton.

Specialising in pressure washing and driveway cleaning in and arund Westhoughton and Bolton, we use all the latest cleaning techniques such as the latest revolutionary rotary surface cleaner (a must for any professional driveway cleaning and pressure washing company) specially design for driveway and patio cleaning. This is the latest piece of pressure washing and driveway cleaning equipment that keeps the jetting nozzles at a constant distance from the surface whilst spinning round at high velocity covering a much greater area than a traditional pressure washing lance, thus pressure washing and cleaning the driveway much quicker and leaving the surface streak free whilst minimizing surface damage caused by uneven pressures caused by operator usage on a standard pressure washing lance.This tool has quickly become industry standard for any pressure washing or driveway company serious about driveway cleaning and pressure washing

Please Get in touch today for all you patio and driveway cleaning questions in the Westhoughton and Bolton area, driveway cleaning quotes and advice are free so please do not hesitate to call!

We are also registered sealer installers with 3 driveway / patio sealer manufacturers and are happy to give consultation on any of your driveway sealer questions.

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